Bavovirus seqs


Genus: Bavovirus

Species: Bavaria virus

Chicken calicivirus (ChCV)
Virus Strain Region Length Accession no. Reference Comments
ChCV chicken/V0021/Bayern/GER/2004 CG 7908 HQ010042 Wolf et al., 2011  
ChCV chicken/V0013/Bayern/GER/2004 pol 2894 HQ616593 Wolf et al., 2011  
ChCV chicken/V0027/Bayern/GER/2005 pol 2887 HQ616594 Wolf et al., 2011  
ChCV chicken/F10026b/GER/2010 ORF1(p) 1050 JQ347525 Wolf et al., 2012  
ChCV chicken/F1003/GER/2010 ORF1(p) 1050 JQ347526 Wolf et al., 2012  
ChCV chicken/L11038/GER/2011 ORF1(p) 1019 JQ347528 Wolf et al., 2012  
ChCV chicken/L11039/GER/2011 ORF1(p) 1140 JQ347529 Wolf et al., 2012  
ChCV chicken/L11041/GER/2011 ORF1(p) 1140 JQ347530 Wolf et al., 2012  
ChCV chicken/D62/SKR/2013 CG(p) 7865 KM254170 Kim et al., unpub.  
ChCV chicken/Q45/SKR/2013 CG(p) 7315 KM254171 Kim et al., unpub.  
ChCV chicken/RS/BR/2015 CG 8176 KY120883 Lima et al., unpub.  
CG = complete genome
(p) = partial gene sequence
N/A = not available on the EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ databases


Kim, H., Choi, J., Lee, H. and Kwon, Y. Viral metagenomic analysis of the feces of chickens with runting-stunting syndrome. Unpublished.

Wolf, S., Reetz, J. and Otto, P. (2011). Genetic characterization of a novel calicivirus from chicken. Arch. Virol. 156: 1143-1150. 

Wolf, S., Reetz, J., Hoffmann, K., Gründel, A., Schwarz, B.A., Hänel, I. and Otto, P.H. (2012). Discovery and genetic characterization of novel caliciviruses in German and Dutch poultry. Arch Virol. 157: 1499-1507.


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