Nacovirus seqs


Genus: Nacovirus

Species: Nacovirus A

Turkey calicivirus (TuCV)
Virus Strain Region Length Accession no. Reference Comments
TuCV turkey/MD-2010 (NC) ORF1(p) 936 HM803966 Day et al., 2010  
TuCV turkey/L11043/GER/2011 CG 7656 JQ347522 Wolf et al., 2012  
Chicken calicivirus (ChCV)
ChCV chicken/F10026n/GER/2010 ORF1(p)+ORF2 4472 JQ347523 Wolf et al., 2012  
ChCV chicken/V0021n/Bavaria/GER/2004 ORF1(p) 1017 JQ347524 Wolf et al., 2012  
ChCV chicken/F10034n/GER/2010 ORF1(p) 1060 JQ347527 Wolf et al., 2012  
Goose calicivirus (GoCV)
GoCV goose/N/China/2012 CG 8013 KJ473715 Liao et al., 2014  
CG = complete genome
(p) = partial gene sequence
N/A = not available on the EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ databases


Day, J.M., Ballard, L.L., Duke, M.V., Schefflerm B.E. and Zsak, L. (2010). Metagenomic analysis of the turkey gut RNA virus community. Virology Journal 7: 313.

Liao, Q., Wang, X., Wang, D. and Zhang, D. (2014). Complete genome sequence of a novel calicivirus from a goose. Arch Virol. 2014 Apr 23. [Epub ahead of print]

Wolf, S., Reetz, J., Hoffmann, K., Gründel, A., Schwarz, B.A., Hänel, I. and Otto, P.H. (2012). Discovery and genetic characterization of novel caliciviruses in German and Dutch poultry. Arch Virol. 157: 1499-1507.


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