CaCV seqs


Genus: Vesivirus

    Species: Unassigned

Canine calicivirus (CaCV)
Virus Strain Region Length Accession No. Reference Comments
CaCV No.48/Aichi/JPN/1990 pol(p)+capsid
3794 AF053720 Roerink et al., 1999a,b  
CG 8513 AB070225 Matsuura et al., 2002
CaCV Bari/212/07/ITA CG 8453 JN204722 V. Martella, unpub.  
CG = complete genome; (p) = partial gene sequence; N/A = not available on the EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ databases


Matsuura, Y., Tohya, Y., Nakamura, K., Shimojima, M., Roerink, F., Mochizuki, M., Takase, K., Akashi, H. and Sugimura, T. (2002). Complete nucleotide sequence, genome organization and phylogenic analysis of the canine calicivirus. Virus Genes 25: 67-73.

Roerink, F., Hashimoto, M., Tohya, Y. and Mochizuki, M. (1999a). Organization of the canine calicivirus genome from the RNA polymerase gene to the poly(A) tail. J Gen Virol. 80: 929-935.

Roerink, F., Hashimoto, M., Tohya, Y. and Mochizuki, M. (1999b). Genetic analysis of a canine calicivirus: evidence for a new clade of animal caliciviruses. Vet. Microbiol.69: 69-72.

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